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    CESSI brand
    A history of Cessi brand goes back to 1999 when the company was introduced to the market. Nowadays, the brand is known for its premium quality, excellent taste and has been highly appreciated by the general public for a long time.
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MPC CESSI a.s., is a modern industrial complex consisting of the following factories:
The company was awarded following certificates:

International Food Standard
ISO 9001:2008
ISO 14001:2004
OHSAS 18001:2007


The craft of milling has been inherited in the heart of Spiš for more than 200 years. The MPC CESSI a.s. company and its milling factory is considered to be a continuer of this craft since 1950 when it first started its operation. A modern mill has undergone great innovations worth millions of euros in recent years in order to maintain its quality and keep up with the world trends with its bulk production. The latest innovation is a possibility to enrich flour by precious additives to increase its quality highly appreciated by the healthy lifestyle lovers. Spiš mill is a very unique mill within Slovakia as it can mill so-called durum wheat which is necessary for the production of semolina products.

Pasta production

The biggest, oldest and the most modern pasta production in Slovakia was launched in February 1966. The MPC CESSI a.s. company has kept up with many world trends in healthy food by introducing five types of pasta – eggless, egg, graham, semolina and wholemeal. Customers can choose from many length types varying from small ones, through middle-sized pasta up to long pasta.
The standard of premium quality applied for more than 40 years is maintained thanks to the latest production technology when pasta is produced at nearly 100-degree temperature. High-level hygiene is absolutely given from the very beginning of the production until the delivery of products to their customers.

Bakery and patisserie

Monthly we produce 350 tons of the bakery products. Bread with several taste variations is our top product. Our rich product portfolio includes nearly forty types of ordinary and fine pastry, variety of steamed and fried products. All our bakery products are made according to traditional recipes having latest technology add to it an essence of quality. Our novelty is an innovative technology of freezing products to meet our clients´ demand for always fresh products, 365 days a year.